Hospitality Realty

The real estate industry is evolving.

After 18 years as a real estate agent, the owner of Hospitality Realty April Brown did what a lot of others did during the pandemic—took a step back and self-reflected. During the height of COVID-19, she took the leap from her big brand real estate brokerage firm and opened her own firm, Hospitality Realty. Her vision was to create a realtor firm with welcoming hospitality that assists everyone from the first-time home buyer to the experienced investor. When asked what was the uniqueness of Hospitality Realty, April replied, “We pride ourselves with the patience, care and concern for each client in providing exceptional service from the first interaction to beyond the closing table.”  

Hospitality Realty’s success of their full-service 3% total commission model at just the right time.

The total 3% commission listing includes everything from professional photography, drone photography, floor plan images, open houses, broker tours, Advocate spotlights, and social media impressions, with the ultimate goal of professional mass visibility across the market. Of course, the seller can choose the amount of visibility of their asset, including a listing in the Advocate’s enviable addresses.

Hospitality Realty’s reduced commission structure benefits sellers by allowing them to retain more home equity while listing the asset at a market competitive price. Alternatively, these savings can be used to assist buyers with additional concessions, such as closing costs, prepaid expenses, and inspections. These incentives can broaden the purchasing power of buyers in this ever-changing real estate market, making the purchase of the home of their dreams a reality.

What is unique about Hospitality Realty’s model is that regardless of the type or size of the property, for example, a teardown or multimillion-dollar property, the commission structure remains a total of 3%. With $20 million in sales under their belt in the first year, and continuing with $20 million in sales in their second year, Hospitality Realty expects to exceed this mark 2023

When she left a bigger brand brokerage, April was once asked why people would do business with you when you don't have the backing of a bigger brand. Her response was classic, "people do business with people regardless of the industry."